Web positioning

Positioning Web and Social Networks

At CDS Mexico we strategically build, administer and manage online campaigns around your brand, promoting the image of your company in the main online communities in the world.

web positioning

At CDS MEXICO we offer a visibility service through web positioning in search engines and social networks (SEO, organic positioning or natural positioning). Our service is to generate traffic interested in the product or message that you want to transmit through your personal or business website.

Today companies need a good image on the Internet. With organic or natural positioning we can ensure that your product and / or company does not go unnoticed.

It is impossible to guarantee the first position due to the complexity of search engines, “Always be wary of companies and / or people who guarantee you the first position in Google in a short space of time. There are no magic formulas… ”with the right factors in some cases it is possible. What we do guarantee is a considerable increase in the visibility of your niche in search engines and social networks.

SEO optimization, top positions in Google

A Web page that wants to have the objective of being in the first positions of Google must meet certain requirements. The first thing is to make it easier for search engine robots to understand our site so that they can incorporate it into their index. Facility for the user to navigate the Web and find all the information that we offer about our products or services.
The main objectives for a good web optimization are the following:
– Good internal structure.
– An ideal navigability.
– A short loading time for our website.
– Get our content to be unique and of quality.
– Websites that link to our website.

SEO Strategy

At Defnet Designer we help you create an appropriate SEO strategy for your business. After a good optimization of your website we will study a personalized SEO strategy for your website. An action plan to follow to improve SEO positioning, we carry out the study of the SEO strategy and then decide if you want our experts to carry out the SEO positioning tasks or the client can follow the SEO strategy guide.

Seo Consulting

We carry out SEO consulting for clients who have decided to carry out SEO positioning tasks themselves.

Services for professionals

We offer optimization, positioning and consulting services to professionals in the sector. If you want to give added value to your website clients … We can we can offer you special prices.

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