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Diseñado para las emisoras exigentes, que operan en toda la banda II, 87,5 a 108 MHz. Transmisor de alta calidad (DSP estéreo y opciones RDS), el kit contiene la antena, el cable coaxial, y todos los conectores. Un transmisor FM perfecto para una emisora comercial, un campus universitario o radio religiosa. Protección contra calentamiento y SWR.  El mejor valor por su dinero. Potencia suficiente para un máximo de 40 kilometros de distancia o más con una buena antena y ubicación.


  • New exciter MAX PRO 5015+
  • Great stereo sound with excellent separation
  • USB, RS232 or Ethernet (optional) remote control via PC
  • GSM wireless telemetry and android app also available on request
  • Standard 19″ 2H rack, clean design and high quality manufacturing
  • Low distortion and good Signal/Noise ratio
  • Modular construction, internal boards can be replaced one by one
  • Built-in CPU system for controlling and monitoring
  • Easy change of frequency and other parameters (UP/DOWN keys, no tuning required)
  • TEMP protection
  • WR protection
  • Professional grade RDS encoder!
  • Friendly user interface, keys can be locked with an internal jumper
  • In our opinion the best quality/price ratio possible.
  • Industrial quality and rugged switching-mode power supply



  • Output power: 500W depending on the model, easily adjustable via LCD display (0 to max)
  • Output impedance 50 unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
  • Output connector 500W N female (rear panel )
  • Frequency range 87.5 to 108MHz
  • PLL step 50KHz (more on request)
  • RF Spurious > -75 dBc @ +- 1MHz min. out of carrier
  • RF Harmonics > -50 dBc Standard
  • Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP/PLL warning
  • Modulation capability: FM



  • Audio connectors: RCA (cinch) or XLR (DSP version)
  • Audio level required: 1Vpp
  • Audio input impedance: 10Kohms resistive, balanced
  • Pre-emphasis Flat, 50 or 75usec
  • Harmonic distortion ( THD ) <0.1%
  • Mode: Stereo/Mono, adjustable via LCD display
  • Frequency amplitude: 0.5dB, 30Hz – 15kHz



  • AC mains power: 110-240V 50/60Hz universal, works everywhere on this planet
  • Ambient temperature: -5° to +45°C
  • External dimensions 500W ( W x D x H ) 19″ x depth (170mm) x height 2HE (88mm)
  • Physical weight 4Kg
  • Volumetric weight up to 20Kg


Costo: $70,000.00 (COSTO ANTES IVA)

1 año de garantía contra defectos de fabricación

El costo incluye:

  • 1 Transmisor FM de 500 watts
  • 1 Antena Omnidireccional
  • 20 Metros de cable
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